- Fida F. AL-ADEL

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Laser Physics and Spectroscopy
Most important honours:Fida AL-ADEL was selected and nominated by « Le Jury National du Conseil des Universités » of France as Professor of Physics at Angers University in 1991, and was asked to decline it by KFUPM. He was nominated Permanent Delegate of Saudi Arabia to UNESCO between April 2001 and June 2005. Honours, Awards, Medals:He was decorated by the French Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as Chevalier de l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques in 1994, after Royal Approval. He received from HRH Prince Mohamad Bin Fahd his Award for Distinction in Research in 1995. He was invited among a small group of Saudis by President Jacques CHIRAC of France to a meeting with him, in Jeddah on the 7th of July 1996. He used this opportunity to promote the importance of agreeing on Universal Values in international affairs and for intercultural respect. He was invited again to the Elysee Palace on the occasion of a celebration on “cultural diversity. He was selected Senior Editor for the International Quarterly Journal « The Asian Journal of Spectroscopy ». Medals:Received from the presidents of Yarmouk University / Jordan and Qatar University the medals of their universities. Received Padre Pio Medal from the representative of Vatican to UNESCO. Scholarships:Received scholarships from KFUPM, the French Government and the British Council. Details of Prizes, Awards and Honors received during the last five years:1-) Elected by the Ambassadors of Arab countries to UNESCO as President of the Group of Arab countries at UNESCO for the year 2003 ( Year of General Conference # 32). 2-) Received the “Padre Pio” medal from the representative of the Vatican to UNESCO. 3-) Received a letter of appreciation and comments from the present King of Cambodia regarding a study on UNESCO. This study was distributed before to the World Ministers of Culture in Istanbul at their conference ( Prof. AL-ADEL was selected by Crown Prince Abdallah to represent Saudi Arabia in that conference). 4-) Invited By President Chirac of France, to the Elysee Palace with a small group of country representatives to UNESCO, for a celebration on “Cultural diversity”. 5-) He was appointed by UNESCO’s Director General as a member of a group of international experts that considered ways for promoting Basic Sciences world-wide. This program is now in the implementation stage. 6-)He was appointed by UNESCO in a group led by the President of the General Conference to consider the reform of the Organization through the reform of its three governing bodies. He had several written contributions, parts of which were included in the final report (including a Vision for UNESCO. 7-)He was selected by the Division of Basic and Engineering Sciences at UNESCO because of his “ High repute in science and international cooperation” to participate in a Symposium in Venice on “Harnessing science for society: further partnership”. 2-5 March 2005 . 8-) Continued for the last 5 years to be Senior Editor to the international refereed Journal “Asian Journal of Spectroscopy”. This Journal is abstracted/indexed in “ Science Citation Index- Expended” and others.
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Professor Department of Physics
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King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Box # 732 31261 DHAHRAN
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+96638604345 Laser Lab, +96628602269 Physics