Participation with King Abdullah University in marine algae conference

The experts have unanimously agreed that algae farming has a promising future in KSA

Participation with King Abdullah University in marine algae conference
KSA - THUAL 2013-11-10

In framework of the cooperation between SAS and Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Kaust), the Society has held a workshop on future of Algae Farming in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for three days during the period from 10th to 12th Nov. 2013 AD in university's Headquarter.

The conference has been opened in presence of Minister of Agriculture Dr. Fahd Balghanem and Kaust's Vice-President and in participation of some experts who represent group of leading authorities and companies in algae production in the open lakes and products related thereto.

In addition, the experts has dealt with the climate conditions of KSA that make the Kingdom as one of the best locations suitable for culturing and producing the algae. Moreover, there are promising opportunities before the development and growth of algae production within KSA, so that it will be one of the unique countries in this field. Experiences of some companies in the other industries related to algae like the food supplements, fertilizers, fodders and bio-fuels and other important products have been reviewed. 

By Saudi Aquaculture Society, on 10 November 2013

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