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Set on 01.01.2014

SAS hereby thanks the honorable visitor for using the Society's Website or any of the affiliated pages and incites all users of its Website and pages on internet to review this document. Remind that your use of our Website means your previous acceptance of the Privacy Policy followed by the Society.

Saudi Aquaculture Society is a national independent company develops and improves Aquaculture Sector through spreading the culture of Aquaculture in the community and adopting a balanced advertising policy depends upon the transparency and creditability and also achieving the justice for everyone and maintaining the Privacy.

Therefore, Saudi Aquaculture Society develops its system of maintaining the confidentiality of the information and data, whether such data or information are on SAS website or the affiliated pages.

Using and browsing SAS's Website or the affiliated pages means the acceptance of the user on the privacy policy followed by the society. Such policy includes the following:


User personal information
SAS may need some personal information for registration in some Society's services including IP Address, Browser Address, Domain Names, Access Times, Referring Websites Addresses and other information. The Society may need such information to assist in rendering better services for the users. There is other information used in following up the statistics related to the users status and following up in order to know the interests of the visitors, the most common news and number of followers … etc.


Type of Personal Information
SAS doesn’t require any confidential or sensitive information of the users and all requirements needed for the registration in the services or the subscriptions are general information. The Society may not assume the liability of users' disclosure of any of their own information other than that information requested in case of using the same by any third party whether by sending the same to the Society or adding the same through the registration in the services.


Use of personal information
The reasons that require SAS's use of some required personal information are reasons related to providing better services for the visitor including the provision of better services in providing the opportunity for the visitor to download some products of the Society or adding the user to the Mailing List of the Society and providing his with the latest news and publications related to the sector as well as the information required in the user's review of the dates and places of holding some activities held SAS. Moreover, SAS may collect some information in order to know the most popular services and to evaluate the nature and case of watching and the geographical distribution of the users with the aim of finding statistic basis assists use in improving the content and presenting advertisements addressed to the users according to the interests.


Information Confidentiality
SAS obligates to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the information entered by the visitors during their registration or subscription in the services of SAS Website or any of the affiliated pages and not to disclose, transfer or provide the same to any other third party, excluding in case of the utmost necessity including requesting the same by official and legal authorities, the occurrence of any violation of the intellectual and legal rights of SAS or any force majeure reasons related to the safety and security of the users.


Updating the use agreement and privacy policy
SAS shall be entitled to make any change or additions to the privacy policy and it will update the same periodically in agreement with the policy and informative approach adopted by the Society Therefore, the society hereby incites all honorable users to necessarily follow up this privacy policy and the use agreement periodically


Notes and inquiries
If there are any inquiries or notes relate to the privacy policy or in case of any infringement to any of clauses of the agreement mentioned in this site, whether by SAS or any of the users, SAS hereby welcomes your communication with it via the following email: or the direct communication through the site.

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