General Secretariat

The General Secretariat of the Saudi Aquaculture Society aims to provide administrative, technical and consulting services necessary to coordinate consultations about the SAS policy, and offer the necessary support to the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board and Committees of the Board, as well as performing all relevant administrative, financial, technical, planning, organizational and coordination actions, besides auditing, controlling, keeping and developing the SAS funds, and providing information to the various media.

The Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Majed Abdulrahman Alaskar as the Secretary General of the Saudi Aquaculture Society.


Competencies of the Secretary General


Taking into account the competencies of the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Secretary General shall exercise the powers conferred upon him, particularly the following:

  • Supervise the General Secretariat and run its administrative, financial and technical affairs to achieve the objectives of the SAS and oversee their implementation according to the rules and regulations of the SAS.
  • Represent the SAS before the official and non-official bodies inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Ensure the implementation of the SAS plans and directions, and the optimal distribution of responsibilities.
  • Follow-up any incoming comments or remarks from the competent Ministry with respect to the SAS actively and respond to them.
  • Review the rules and regulations and organizational structure and propose their amendments.
  • Prepare the human resources plan and the salary scale and oversee its implementation.
  • Prepare the annual budget of the SAS and the follow-up its implementation.
  • Prepare the annual report of the activities of SAS.
  • Prepare the agenda of meetings of Board of Directors and the General Assembly and the minutes of these meetings.
  • Sign, along with Chairman and the Financial Manager, on the cheques and promissory notes.
  • Sign contracts and purchase orders in accordance with the annual budget and financial regulations.
  • Prepare financial resources development plan of the SAS, and oversee its implementation.
  • Prepare the media plan of the SAS and supervise its implementation.


Competencies of the Deputy Secretary General


The Deputy Secretary-General assists the Secretary-General in performing his duties and shall take his place in his absence, and assumes any tasks delegated to him by the Secretary-General within the limits of his powers.



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