Workshop on Aquaculture Projects Insurance Program Undersecretary of Ministry for Fisheries Affairs

Aquaculture Projects Insurance participates in industry development and prosperity

 Workshop on Aquaculture Projects Insurance Program Undersecretary of Ministry for Fisheries Affairs
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh 2013-11-20

In an important step aims to encouraging the investments in field of aquaculture in KSA and supporting the industry and in participation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Agriculture Organization, SAS has held the workshop of " Aquaculture Projects Insurance Program" on 17.01.1435 AH, corresponding to 20.11.2013 AD in the headquarter of Ministry of Industry in Riyadh in participation of international experts specialized in fields of insuring Aquaculture projects and experts from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

His Excellency Undersecretary of Ministry for Fisheries Affairs Eng. Gaber Al Shaheri has opened the workshop and he has made a speech, whereby he has confirmed that holding the current workshop aims at setting foundations for evaluating the current situation, determining the possibilities and drawing roadmap for the future in field of the cooperative insurance for Aquaculture. He has expressed his hope that this efforts result in achieving the prospected results and getting clear recommendations ensures the relative stability of changes that faces this industry.

His Excellency has confirmed that current production of KSA from the fisheries and aquaculture is about 100 thousand tons annually, while the consumption exceeds 150 thousand tons annually. Through the seventh agriculture initiative prepared by Agriculture Development Fund in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and number of Government Authorities and the special sector, KSA seeks to create s promising aquaculture industry to increase the production gradually during the period from 2013-2029 from   100 thousand tons to about million tons annually.

Al Shaheri stated that the insurance with all its types is a support and incentive for all economic activities (industrial, commercial and agricultural) and thus it is the real drive of the development, it reassures and guarantees the continuity thereof and it is one of its main elements. Thereupon, it is important to deal with the field of insuring aquaculture projects through specific programs deemed as one of the tools that may limit the threats facing this industry as well as supporting it so as to achieve the sustainable development to control the fluctuations that may challenge it;         especially those related to climate changes and aquaculture diseases associated with these changes.

By Saudi Aquaculture Society, on 20 November 2013

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