Adopting program of entering P.Vannami Shrimp to KSA

The shrimps of type of P.Vannami is one of the types the most prevalent and resistance to the diseases specially WSSV Virus.

Adopting program of entering P.Vannami Shrimp to KSA
- Saudi Arabia - Riyadh 2012-12-23

The most prominent activities carried out by SAS in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and National Prawn Company was adopting project of .Vannami Shrimp Program to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as one of the successful options and solutions to face the great problems caused by Viral Diseases to shrimp farms in KSA during the previous years and resulted in large losses suffered by the sector.


Vannami Shrimp is one of the types that resist WSSV Virus and it has been entered to many main countries in shrimp production in East Asia. This type has proved its capability to resist disease of WSSA Virus. The initial studies have been made on the first mothers entered to KSA in the Quarantine Unit in Fisheries Research Center in Jeddah that has been extended and provided with all needs required for such purpose.


The production experiments are being carried out now on shrimp at National Prawn Company. The initial results show that a brilliant success has been achieved to-date and this is a good omen of returning the prosperity to Shrimp Farming Sector to its status quo ante.


By Saudi Aquaculture Society, on 23 December 2012

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