WSSV Virus Treatment Workshop

In Cooperation with  Center for Desert Agriculture(CDA) in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Kaust) and National Prawn Company, a workshop has been held on WSSV treatment in uni

Assisting the ministry in issuing protocol for the Biosecurity and importation The correct application of Biosecurity procedures is one of reasons of sustainability and safety of the farms.

Saudi Aquaculture Society has worked with Ministry of Agriculture in order to establish a protocol for Biosecurity that determines the condition for importing fish from abroad in order to organize pro

Study on solutions of facing effects of diseases on Shrimp farms in KSA Shrimp production farms have been affected as result of infection with WSSV

In cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture, Saudi Aquaculture Society has studied the possibility of rescheduling the loans imposed on the investors in Aquaculture Sector due to the infection of the

Studying the ideal methods for developing aquaculture industry in the floating cages

SAS's Chairman and some of board's members have visited his Excellency Undersecretary of Ministry of Agriculture for Fisheries Affairs and also Borders Guards Command in Riyadh to form a tripa

Adopting program of entering P.Vannami Shrimp to KSA

The most prominent activities carried out by SAS in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture and National Prawn Company was adopting project of .Vannami Shrimp Program to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as on

Organizing the first scientific forum about Shrimps Diseases

Upon launching the works of Saudi Aquaculture Society and in line with the most important events that face the Aquaculture Sector, especially field of Shrimp Farming that faces great dangers as result

Participation of some SAS's Members in the guiding team of the seventh initiative

Some members of board of directors of Saudi Aquaculture Society participate in the guiding team of the seventh initiative of Agriculture Development Fund related to the development of Fisheries Indust

Supporting the fodder inputs used in the aquaculture industry

Saudi Aquaculture Society has submitted a study to Grains Silos & Flour Mills Organization, representative of Ministry of Agriculture in Ministerial Committee for Supply to approve the inclusion o

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